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cochoapa de guerrero

cochoapa de guerrero

Cochoapa the Great (Nahuatl: cochotl, apan, 'parakeet, parrot, yellow river' 'River of parakeets and parrots')? is one of the 81 municipalities of the state of Guerrero in southern Mexico. Part of the Mountain region and its head is the population of Cochoapa the Great.

Considered since 2006 by the National Population Council and since 2008 by the United Nations as the poorest and most neglected city of the Republic Mexicana.1 2

Cochoapa the Great was established under Decree No. 588 published in the Official Gazette of the state government Friday, June 13, 2003 to segregate Metlatónoc Township, being a newly established municipality in the state of Guerrero.

It is located east-southeast of the state of Guerrero, in the region geo-economic and cultural development of the Mountain. Its territorial adjacencies are to the north by the municipality of Metlatonoc, south and west and Metlatónoc Tlacoachistlahuaca and east also Metlatónoc.3

The Municipality Cochoapa the Great is located in the state of Guerrero Mexico
Population in the Great Cochoapa

The total population of the Great Cochoapa Municipality is 15,572 people, of whom 7445 are male and

Location: Belongs to the Mountain region and is located east of the capital of the state, between latitudes 16 ° 56 '57''and 17 ° 17' 43''north latitude and 98 ° 16 '58''and 98 ° 32' 16''west longitude. It has an area of ​​365 km2, accounting for 4.3% of their similar regional and 0.6% of the state. Metlatónoc bordered on the north, the south and Tlacoachistlahuaca Metlatónoc, east and west Metlatónoc. Its county seat, the same name, is located at an altitude of 2000 meters.

Climate: humid climates are predominantly warm, semi and temperate and the months of April and May are the hottest and the freshest, January and February with an average temperature of 22 ° C. The rainy season between June and October, with an average annual rainfall of 2400 mm

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