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tizimin, yucatán


The site now occupied Tizimín part, in ancient times, the province of thecupules. The date of the founding of Tizimín is unknown, however, it is knownthat by the year 1550 Captain Sebastian Burgos for the Spanish Crown wonthis territory.

As in the peninsula, in Tizimín establishing the system known as encomienda,the same that prevails throughout the colonial era. In the late eighteenth century M. King Carlos IV of Spain and the Indies, sent from Santo Domingo to the thenvillage of Tizimín, head of the Party of the same name more than one hundred slaves from the island to found what became the colony of San Fernando tonorth of the present city. These Slave enjoyed royal privileges, and maintainedloyalty to the Crown was highly rewarded with land and food to the early nineteenth century.
Tizimín Township is located in the northeastern state of Yucatán, 160 kilometers from the city of Merida, with an area of ​​413.237 hectares. It is the largest municipality in the Gulf of Mexico coast. Borders the state of Quintana Roo in the east. It lies between the town of Temozon, Calotmul, Espita, Sucila;PANABA and Rio Lagartos. The geographical situation of the people from the parish of Tizimin is 07 ° 58 'North Latitude and 88 º 09'04 "west longitude

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