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san lorenzo tenochtitlan , is located in the town of Minatitlan veracruz

San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, Veracruz

San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan is located in the town of Minatitlan in the vicinity of the Coatzacoalcos River. To get you can take Hwy 145 from the port of Veracruz, heading southeast to Minatitlan. The archaeological site has a site museum which displays some of the pieces that have been located during archaeological excavations, as well as photographs and reproductions of the famous Olmec heads.

A San Lorenzo is considered the first Olmeca regional center, was developed during the Preclassic period (1500-900 BC). Of the 17 Olmec colossal heads, which are known up to now, ten were located in the area, most recently in May 1994, a situation that reaffirms the importance of place - according to recent research, was in 1500 BC the larger in Mesoamerica with a population of about three thousand inhabitants and a strong social and technological development.This ceremonial center were also found zoomorphic sculptures as well as the first monumental work of ancient Mexico, a huge platform of earth and layers of mud.

The materials used in architecture and sculpture are the basalt imported from the Tuxtlas mountains, and volcanic rock. Among its buildings are long and wide terraces on the top of the plateau of San Lorenzo, and land platforms coated with low-rise red sand. The most outstanding monuments are the 52 (with a body whose head features distinguish human and feline), the monument 14 (seat of a ruler), the Monument 20 (a throne maimed) and 10 of the 17 colossal headsOlmec.

From Minatitlan, on Highway No. 180 which skirts the coast of Veracruz, you can reach the Lake Catemaco, a large body of water fed by natural mineral water runoff, considered one of the most characteristic natural beauties of the area Los Tuxtlas. This area is noted the presence of selected fauna of birds and mammals, especially egrets and macaques, which inhabit them in a unique island just named as the "Monkey Island". Catemaco is located just 12 miles from San Andres Tuxtla.

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