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Frontera Comalapa is a town in Chiapas Mexico.

frontera comalapa

Frontera Comalapa  is a town in Chiapas Mexico. He was recently listed as"city" and is head of the homonymous municipality. Located on the edge of theSierra Madre de Chiapas and central depression. Its boundaries are the north by the municipality of La Trinity, on the west Chicomuselo, south of Bella Vista and Amatenango de la Frontera and east by the Republic of Guatemala. It hasa land area of ​​717.90 km ² which represent 5.62% of the surface of the border region and the 0.94% statewide.

The municipality of Frontera Comalapa is located in the central depression ofChiapas and appears from the sixteenth century, served by parish priests of the Dominican convent of Comitan. In 1665 he belonged to the parish of ComalapaYayagüita Comitán convent. In 1921 he was county seat. In 1943 it is considered second-class municipality. On November 18, 1943 decreed the renaming of one of their villages, El Ocotal by the City Cuauhtemoc site as far as the Pan American Highway. It believes that its name comes from thememory of the former San Juan Comalapa, and is on the spot Cushú, whichwas near Tecpan, Guatemala, that is at the border.
The main attractions are: The scenery along the rivers, especially the Rio Grande or Grijalva where the "brimstone" (an aspect of sulfur water to the river), which gives a touch of magic to the nature of place. Predominate spas.

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