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The city of Chilpancingo, is located in the center of the Guerero state

chilpancingo guerrero

Chilpancingo de los Bravo (Nahuatl: Chilpa, cingo, 'rather than wasp, small' 'little nest')? is a Mexican city, capital of Guerrero state and head of the homonymous municipality. Located in the central region where the cross state highway 95 and the Autopista del Sol

The city of Chilpancingo, is located in the center of the state located at coordinates 17 º 11 'and 17 º 37' north latitude and 99 º 24 'and 100 º 09' west longitude, on the meridian of Greenwich.

Existing climates are humid, semi-warm, humid, warm-temperate humid and the temperature varies from 15 º C to 24 ° C.

Chilpancingo is one of the municipalities in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. It is located at 17 ° 33'05 N, 99 ° 30'03 O of that entity, lies at 1250 meters. You can get a glimpse of Chilpancingo, satellite and map courtesy of Google Maps.

The rivers which pass through Chilpancingo are Chontalcoatlán and St. Jerome.

An important fact for those who go for a walk in Chilpancingo, is that the San Mateo Fair Christmas and New Year holiday is not over for Guerrero, but a space of time and place to reaffirm a sense of belonging of a people with their culture and land in the sense of identity, is combined in a magical syncretism, where the pagan-religious celebrations pay tribute to the beliefs, the renewal of a life cycle as the celebrations of the year mean again.

The Paseo del Banner, unique in its form in Latin America for its originality and history with his famous "Sap tiger's" The People's Theater "Rubén Gutiérrez Mora," with first-class artists for free, heifers and bulls to cartel-style Creole and Spanish, Traditional inns; parejeras horse racing, cockfighting Palenque, craft shows, livestock and agricultural production, literary competitions, gastronomic and mezcal, Rides and The Teopancalaquis.

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