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Barra San Jose, Mazatán. Tropical paradise that no one speaks about

barra de san jose

Barra San Jose, Mazatán. Tropical paradise that no one speaks.

Mazatán Chiapas .- When it comes to beaches first thing that comes to mind is Puerto Arista, Tonala, and more recently Puerto Chiapas, Tapachula, which has gained an international presence in recent years, but not only are theserelated places like beach destination that tourists from Chiapas and other states may attend.
Located 15 kilometers from the town of Mazatán, now with a fully paved road is Bar San Jose is a long stretch of white sand and strong waves, for a variety of partially deserted beaches where you can enjoy the seascape in all amplitude.
This beach bar with open side of the Pacific Ocean and limits inside with an estuary where the river flows Huehuetán, down from the Sierra Madre, has cabins for lodging. Here you can take boat tours through the estuary, water sports like jet-skiing, swimming, water skiing, fishing, banana boat rides and boat, and also enjoy horseback riding on the beautiful beach. This is a good place to taste the seafood dishes, as with shrimp farms and tilapia. The place is conducive to boating, horseback riding, water sports and beach sports.
With a warm sub-humid with an average annual temperature of 27 degrees, is located in the Soconusco region of the state, in the municipality of Mazatán.Located 27 kilometers from Tapachula, on Federal Highway 200.
While for many years was a forgotten community by the authorities, for the past five when construction began on the road it becomes relevant and the costs to buy land and build tripled in value.
Now, the restaurant "La Guera" dozens of tourists come to enjoy fried shrimp, fish soups, steaks and other wealth of culinary art. The cuisine, though rough, has the charm to make visitors return, year after year. Added to this is the careful attention of waiters as "one hundred eggs," among other nicknames classic region.

Location San Jose Huayate (Barra de San Jose)

Huayate San Jose (San Jose bar) is located in the municipality of Chiapas Mazatán Mexico and is in the GPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -92.623333

Latitude (dec): 14.919167

The town lies at an average height of 5 meters above sea level.

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Barra de S. José sunset

Carretera Barra Sn. Jose, Mazatán

Sn Jose





Estero Barra Sn. Jose

Estero Barra Sn. Jose, Mazatán

Carretera Sn Jose

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