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Aporo the town is located in the Municipality of Aporo, michoacan

aporo michoacán

Some authors argue that Aporo, Chichimeca source word comes from hapu orHapur, which means "place of ashes" or "place ash."

Aporo the town is located in the Municipality of Aporo (State of Michoacán deOcampo). It has 1859 inhabitants. Aporo is 2280 meters above sea level.
It is located east of Michoacan. Abutting Irimbo, Tuxpan, Angangueo

Parties, Dances and Traditions

October 18. Religious festival of the town's patron St. Luke the Evangelist.


Small craft, which involves styling rods and wooden sticks to copper and arethen sold in various parts of the country.


Corundas ash, mole, barbecue pit and guenches (larvae of strawberry).


The Round Rock, important archaeological remains.
Dam Ejido, beautiful with its forested landscapes

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