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santiago pinotepa nacional oaxaca

santiago pinotepa nacional oaxaca

Mexican Pinotepa means, to the mountain collapsed. Etymology Pinolli = Home crumbling, dust tepetl = Cerro, bread = to.
Located in the coastal region of the state, at coordinates 98 ° 03 'west longitude, 16 ° 20' north latitude and an altitude of 200 meters above sea level.Its distance to the state capital is 397 miles.

These territories were the ancient Kingdom of getting married and the Mixteca Baja. Santiago is an important regional agricultural center, with a very warm climate and low annual temperature variation. Is famous for its traditional regional costumes and manufacture of high quality knives. His church dedicated to Santiago is the eighteenth century. They have data on that from the thirteenth century the region was inhabited by groups of Mixtec. After the conquest came to the place Dominicans, who founded the hamlet called Real Pinotepa, but after the victory of supporters of the Independence of Mexico was renamed the State Pinotepa later in 1866, becoming National Pinotepa. Mr. Norberto Aguirre Cradle of Palancares.


The Tejorones, the cuerudos, the masqueraders, the charreros, black masks, the dances are performed in some festivities as Day of the Dead, Ash Wednesday stewardship and celebration of the village patron saint is St. James. The dance that characterizes Pinotepa more regions of the state is CHILENA.

They have seniors who came from Chile Chilean many years ago, a ship arrived in what is now a town called Corralejo. Today the Chilean music is very cheerful, accompanied by verses that allude to picaresque women and men.The costumes for women is a brightly colored skirt and ruffles in the form of letter and blouse embroidered floral beads, bandanas, black shoes and hair are two braids tied with ribbons. In man the costumes are white trousers, white short-sleeved shirt, red scarf, black loafers and a red bandana.

DINING Pinotepa

This place has a varied cuisine is varied from reptiles, insects, mammals, shellfish and vegetables. In the month of May is when you get used to eating iguana (green or black), which is cooked in broth or mole tamales.

Another animal that is used to eating in these months is the armadillo is cooked in mole sauce or barbecue because it tastes rich and unique, although some people compare the flavor that the armadillo has the taste of chicken or pork .

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