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Matatlán is located east of the city of Oaxaca in the central valleys.


Matatlán is located east of the city of Oaxaca in the central valleys. The roadgradually Matatlán announcing what's going to come. Factory outlets as well as the mezcal start out like hotcakes on the road. The temptation is present. But we hope to reach Matatlán.

Suddenly, a sign at the road announcing "Welcome to Santiago Matatlán, world capital of mezcal." The quest to choose which of the factories would be the first to show the production of this drink was complex. There are a factory and adispensing side by side. All offer you a tasting to gain your attention, and after several tastings can learn to distinguish the variety and quality.

We consult with a person there and the factory recommended Zapotec King.The "arena" which is the way it is usually called a mezcal factory, is the oldestcraft in the production of mezcal in Oaxaca. With about 60 years old, repeated the procedure under their traditional mezcal and using natural resources of theirown crops. There we could know the whole production process

Located in the Central Valley Region, 56 km, about an hour and twenty minutes from the city of Oaxaca, belongs to District Tlacolula. It is located at coordinates16 º 52 'north latitude and 96 º 23' west longitude at an altitude of 1.740 metersover sea level.

Matatlán Santiago is located in the municipality of Santiago Matatlán of Oaxacain Mexico and the GPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -96.383611

Latitude (dec): 16.864722

The town lies at an average height of 1720 meters above sea level.
Population in Santiago Matatlán

The total population of Santiago is 3206 Matatlán people, of which 1562 are male and 1644 female.más del mezcal en

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