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El Calon, is located in the center of Agua Brava lagoon

el calon sinaloa

The pyramid El Calon, is located in the center of Agua Brava lagoon, estuary circular shape. To get there, you have to board a vessel at El Mezcal. A specialized guide, Don Chuy Partida, was commissioned to prepare for this experience, mining boots, sunscreen, water, hats, food.

After boarding the boat we started the tour of the lagoon to the south you can see the impressive mountain of dead-man version of the sleeping woman. After sailing for about an hour and enjoy the diversity of migratory and local birds on uninhabited islands that appear before us we saw in the distance, confused and other hills, to the pyramid.

Approached. leave the large pond and go into the endless mangrove forests, through which channels are discovered, often obscured by vegetation, which requires us to blaze a trail with a machete and leave the boat soon to continue the journey on foot between marshes, sand flies and very hot.

After a few exhausting hours arrive at the foot of surprising construction. The tour through the canals to the Calon worth alone, pristine surroundings are seen as full of exotic birds and lush vegetation.

In the shell middens found mortars, candlesticks, vases, necklaces, axes and other objects. In fact, the former director of the Art Museum of Mazatlan, Hector Torres Navarrete, several years ago, showed me a head carved in stone found in that area, was covered with a cloth in a wooden box. My impression was so great that last 3 days in a row ringing it.

On top of the pyramid for a moment I felt the same experience when I climbed the Pyramid of the Sun in Tenochtitlan. It's indescribable, that only those who have been there can explain it.
The pyramid has an approximate height of 30 m and the base measures 100 m by 80 m, while the top is 15 by 15 m. The shell mounds that can be observed in the region fail to exceed eight feet. The ancient inhabitants built to protect the high tides.

El Calon is the only archaeological monument of its kind in Sinaloa, and consists of successive layers of shell 30 cm and 30 cm of barren land carrying the neighboring places.

At first glance, the pyramid is a hill, like all pyramids before being discovered, as time has covered the ground and vegetation

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