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chipehua oaxaca

chipehua oaxaca

Coastal town that offers great ideal places for relaxation. You can enjoy fresh seafood and delicious. Horseback riding or boat to enter their little corners.

The beach has calm waters, although the open sea. It is basically a fishing village, there is no tourism infrastructure and water sports.
In this tourist haven is entered by Santa Gertrudis Miramar, a town with two entrances, one for light cars and heavier vehicles back.
Del Carrizal its old name, or Santa Gertrudis Miramar as we now know, there is a distance of 4 miles to beach Chipehua.

For those who do not have their own unit, can be reached by bus and then take a taxi which takes them to this tourist spot

Location Chipehua Ensenada

Chipehua Ensenada is located in the municipality of Santo DomingoTehuantepec, Oaxaca State in Mexico and the GPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -95.379444

Latitude (dec): 16.043611

The town lies at an average height of 10 meters above sea level.

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