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Cacalotepec: Located west of Puerto Escondido,


population of fishermen who are mostly engaged in small-scale commercialfishing. Among its main tourist attraction to visitors is the beach of the samename, so-called White Rock Island which by its nature is proper for diving, complements the attractive landscape that is unique vegetation and underwater landscape formed mainly of coral and colorful fish.

• Cacalotepec: Located west of Puerto Escondido, 36 kilometers (22 miles) byhighway 200 to Pinotepa Nacional. Turn left after 4 kilometers (2.49 miles) tothe beach. Approximate time: [0:45]

Cacalotepec consists of a beautiful beach:

• Beach Cacalotepec
Extensive beach to open sea, fine sand. It features water transparent, blues andheavy surf. Along the beach there is a palapa restaurant service andhammocks for rent.

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