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Arrazola is located in the municipality of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan (in the State of Oaxaca).


Here the ingenuity of the artisans is reflected in the copal wood to create a fantastic zoology "Alebrijes" that are exhibited and sold in the houses of the craftsmen. Located 10 km from the highway to Zaachila.

the town of Arrazola is located in the municipality of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan (in the State of Oaxaca). It has 1070 inhabitants. Arrazola is 1620 meters above sea level.

San Antonio Arrazola is home to one of the popular arts of Mexico's most popular, colorful painted wooden figures.

Arrazola is a quiet village at the foot of Monte Alban.

Wood carving was introduced in the 1950's and in a few decades became world famous. It is with great pride that the city refers to itself as the cradle of the alebrijes (home of fantastic shapes of wood).

Usually carved copal tree (listed in the South and Sierra Mixteca), the wooden figures representing monsters and mythical creations. The best works are collected by fans and displayed in museums and galleries around the world.

More than 80 families of fashion fantasy figures or alebrijes in San Antonio Arrazola. The spacecraft was launched by Manuel Jiménez Ramírez and extended to his family and neighbors. The success led to a successful industry.

Meet the carvers!

The region used to be wetter. Huge Indian laurel trees border the road to the city. Years ago there were more giant trees. Previously, the sugar cane fields were irrigated to produce brown sugar (Panella). The soil is drier, reflecting the increasing aridity of the region.
feast day

The city hosts an annual festival on 11 June.

Nearby are the towns of Xoxocotlán, Cuilapam Guerrero and Zaachila. Up the hill is the archeological site of Monte Alban.

House of crafts Oaxaca Arrazola

Many artisans are in charge of the house of crafts where they offer their creations. If someone requests it, they also offer courses on how to design and paint your own alebrije. House of Crafts is open after eleven o'clock every day.There are many shops in town. In fact, the style and size of the seal depends alebrijes familiar.
Developing alebrijes

The process begins in the hills surrounding the valley. The shrub from which to obtain wood to make alebrijes called copal, the same is extracted incense.This type of wood is very manageable and soft. The carvers have to work before they go eight days of felling the tree, because then becomes very hard when dry. The wood is carved designs having as plants or imaginary animals. It is carved and polished by hand. Some figures are armed with several pieces to the craftsman is satisfied with their model. After alebrijes are painted with acrylic paint. No two are alike. Some artisans make their own designs or custom shops, hotels, museums, restaurants, etc.

Arrazola is located in the Santa Cruz Municipal Xoxocotlán of Oaxaca in Mexico and the GPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -96.789722

Latitude (dec): 17.039722

The town lies at an average height of 1620 meters above sea level.

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