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Escuinapa, which comes from the Nahuatl

escuinapa, sinaloa

Escuinapa, which comes from the Nahuatl word itz-care aztequismo-na-pan. It consists of itzcuintli, "dog" to atl "water" and bread "in" the place-name therefore means "in the water dog" or "where there are water dogs."

Escuinapa Township is located south of the state at 105 ° 26 '17 "105 ° 55' 15"west of Greenwich and between parallels 22 ° 28 '00 and 22 ° 57' 10 "N .Determines with the municipality of Rosario, Sinaloa border policy with the state ofNayarit.

Bordered on the north by the municipality of Rosario, south of the state of Nayaritand the municipality of Rosario and west by the Pacific Ocean.

It lies at an altitude varying from sea level to 850 meters in its upper reaches.

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