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Lazaro Cardenas Michoacan

Lazaro Cardenas Michoacan

Lazaro Cardenas is an important commercial port has the infrastructure for tourism, complementing excellent places for rest and recreation at nearby beaches.

There are beaches for all tastes, ranging from soft and caressing waters (for families with children), to stormy sea waves for surfing, places where nature was very kind to provide them with a variety of animal and plant species. And what about the people, friendly people and willing to provide the best service to visitors. There are also communities where the benefits of his technique Nahuatl craft and design adhere to the rules of pre-Hispanic times as well as the rescue of traditions in clothing, music and dance.

These beaches with pleasant weather all year, providing tourist facilities and camping areas with parking facilities, electricity and water, a sea ideal for practicing water sports.The roads are more pleasant arrival in Michoacán this region, since it has a domestic airport and the highway Morelia-Lazaro Cardenas. At Playa Azul, 20 km. west of Lazaro Cardenas begins the path of 250 km, connecting in a horizon of beaches, bays, cliffs and lush vegetation, the states of Guerrero and Michoacan, Colima through, here you can admire thousands of coconut trees, mango orchards , papaya and banana, as well as herons, pigeons, gulls and pelicans. The road is in good condition, with assistance to travelers and the friendliness of the Green Angels, who provide information and assistance service to tourists

In this important site that a major steel industry is fundamental to the economic development of the country and the region. It is also the gateway to a number of places and beaches very attractive and almost private, as many of them, the geographical environment, are almost untouched and unexplored. In this port you will find a lot of services to make your stay more enjoyable.

Located south of State, in the coordinates 17 º 57 'north latitude and 102 º 12' west longitude at an altitude of 10 meters above sea level. Arteaga bordered to the north, east with the State of Guerrero, south to the Pacific Ocean and west by Aquila. Its distance to the state capital is 401 km.

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