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Tecate is a small Mexican town in Baja Californi


Tecate is a small Mexican town in Baja California state that China has great influencedue to migration in the early 90's, located northwest of the country. Is head of the municipality of Tecate.
The meaning of Tecate is unknown and we only know that this place was named because of its indigenous inhabitants. Some historians place it as cut stone or cuttree, others say that may arise from the Tecate outer layer is very thick and medicinaloak the oak tree is typical of the region.

The flavor of a small community picturesque colonial style, it is Tecate. Tecate is aborder town that does not seem, has extensive views of farmers fields, spectacularmountains and gigantic rock formations. Tecate also is home to renowned brewery.has several spa, with specialized health care recognized worldwide, such as LaPuerta. Exist in the environment of the city paintings (ate prehistoric rock).

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