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isla lobos tuxpan veracruz

Isla de Lobos:
In the area near the island lobos, which is about 80 miles north of Tuxpan there are several reefs and place the weather and sea conditions are most suitable for scuba diving, is recommended for both certified divers to who will have the experience of his first dive. There is a boat that is already 200 years in the seabed and the site is preferred by divers. The crystal clear waters of the island lobos are framed by lush palm trees and grass well maintained by staff of the Army of Mexico, as well as a splendid light, giving it a unique look to this beautiful piece of land Veracruz.
Isla de Lobos is located northwest of Tuxpan, Veracruz about 3 hours approx. in speedboat. Clear waters with pleasant temperatures and a typical marine fauna of the Gulf under a paradise where it has not devastated by the hand of man, is what awaits us in this beautiful island in conjunction with a camp environment and activities such as diving Beach.

Lobos Island (latitude 21 ° 27'15 "N, long. 97 º 13'30" W) with a rocky geological base maximum height of 10 m., is located just 9 miles southeast of Cabo Rojo.
has three sites for diving

The west side of the island, you can locate the pipe of the pipeline, which runs inland toward the west-northwest, with little depth 20 to 30 feet. (6 to 9 meters), it is possible to locate from a boat. A good option is to dive into their predominant direction (west) to reach deeper.

The whole area is covered with coral formations teeming with life, with a gentle slope to reach 60 feet. (18 m) from this depth starts a small cliff to reach the 80 to 90 feet. (24 to 27 m.) to the sand. Diving is a highly recommended site to start the dive on the island, it can adapt to basic and advanced divers.

2 .- La Poza del ahogado
It is a relatively small point in more depth in it, surrounded by rock formations teeming with coral and marine life, its average diameter is 150 m. and inside we found a depth of between 50 and 70 ft. (15 to 21 m). The coral formations rising to near the surface 20 to 30 ft. presenting alternate breaks all round, if we left the inner circle, find bands in concentric semicircles coral, providing a very interesting way of directing and applying underwater navigation. Occasionally sighted brown of various types, parrot fish, angel gray, French and angel angel queen, as well as tarpon, grouper and lobster, and if we're lucky, we get to see turtles.

3.-Platform Shark
Located east-southeast of the island, 40min. Navigation, approximately, is a huge automatic pumping oil platform located in a vast sea area, with a depth of about 180 ft. (60 m.) to its base

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