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santa maria tonantzintla

santa maria tonantzintla

village in the municipality of San Andrés Cholula, home to the beautiful church ofSanta Maria Tonanzintla: "Place of our dear mother. "

During pre-Hispanic times there was a shrine dedicated to our dear motherTonantzin, Goddess of fertility, even that was replaced by the Christian church today.The construction of the temple covers sixteenth to the nineteenth century

Tonantzin In Mexican culture was a goddess identified with the Earth. Tonantzintlaword comes from Nahuatl and means place of our dear mother. With the arrival of the Spanish was added to the name of Santa Maria in honor of the Virgin Mary.

is located in the municipality of San Andrés Cholula (in the State of Puebla). It has122 inhabitants. Tonantzintla (Santa Maria Tonantzintla) is 2080 meters above sea level.

In this population can be reached from Cholula, or directly from Puebla, in which case the tour is 15 kilometers, the federal highway to Atlixco. Santa Maria Tonantzintla isthe cabinet that holds one of the richest jewels of Mexican baroque, exuberant in their degree: the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. What hit itsubjugates are polychrome interior plasterwork ornamentation.

Festivals & Fairs

Cheese Fair: is for the benefit of the cheese and is in honor of the Virgin of theConception is an exhibition and sale of cheese in the main square of this community,this is carried out in August.

Fair of the Assumption: August 15.

Easter: at this time the celebration is unique and special, because the church is transformed into a paradise, decorated with flowers and paper decorations.

Fair of the Immaculate Conception on 8 December

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