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tlatelolco, méxico city

Tlatelolco. (Nahuatl: xaltiloll tlatelli or 'terrace or rather the heap of sand ")? was the twin city of Mexico - Tenochtitlan, this place is famous and important because there was the largest market in the region - and indeed all of Mesoamerica - in which all goods marketed both locally and in the most remote regions known to supply the Valley of Mexico. Tlatelolco was located at one end of one of the largest islands in Lake Texcoco, near Tenochtitlan. At the moment there are a number of pyramids and ruins. This city was sacked and destroyed by the conquistadores, who used the stones to build the church of St James directly above the wreckage.

Tlatelolco market was visited by Hernan Cortez before the war of conquest. The site was the last and decisive battle against the Aztecs on August 13, 1521 when they defeated Cuauhtemoc was forced to capitulate to Cortés. The chronicler Bernal Díaz del Castillo describes the killing of Mexico: "... that day was so bloody that it was impossible to walk around because of the number of corpses piled up." It is estimated that over 40,000 Indians were killed that day
Regardless of Tlatelolco was founded before or after Tenochtitlan, both born and share the same fate. Mexico controls the Tenochca or ideological power, political and economic, the addressed Tlatelolca trade. In 1428 after the release of the manor of Azcapotzalco, the Mexica were reorganized to move the market at Tlatelolco, Tenochtitlan, this gave rise to the flea market's largest pre-Hispanic Mexico. The Mexica, even after dividing the power, continued their differences, culminating in a war in 1473. Axayacatl tenochca ruling, subordinated to the people Tlatelolco.

In 1515 Cuauhtémoc was elected governor of Tlatelolco. Upon the arrival of Spanish conquerors Tenochtitlan Montezuma ruled Xocoyotzin, after his death, the Mexica Cuauhtemoc elected lord of the two cities and Hispanics fought until he was besieged in that city, whose inhabitants resisted for 80 days, their final Cuauhtémoc was captured.

On August 13, 1521 was finally captured by Diego de Holguín. The fall of Tlatelolco marked the end of the most important Mesoamerican Empire. The collaboration of peoples hitherto under Aztec hegemony facilitated the expansion of the conquest.Then it shows the plaque commemorating the fall of Tlatelolco on the esplanade of the present Plaza of Three Cultures

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