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Pixquiac River Basin born on the eastern slope of the Cofre de Perote, veracruz

rio pixquiac

Pixquiac River Basin born on the eastern slope of the Cofre de Perote and is located west of the city of Xalapa, Veracruz. This basin is of regional significance for the many services it provides to the region of Xalapa (environmental services, agricultural products, lumber, firewood, etc..), As well as being an area where there is still one of the main areas Cloud Forest (or cloud forest) and providing the water to be 90% of the inhabitants of the basin, part of the daily needs of localities in the municipality of Coatepec and 38% of the daily needs of the City Xalapa

Cañadas del Pixquiac is an initiative involving three San Pedro ejido communities in the municipality of Buenavista Acajete, Veracruz: Pixquiac Vega, Palo Blanco and El Zapotal. These communities are located within Pixquiac River Basin located in the southeast side of the volcano Cofre de Perote. This basin is of particular importance for three reasons: it is inhabited by a few hundred farm families along the river is home to several mountain forest ecosystems, including pine-oak forests and cloud forests, montane or broadleaf; and finally it should be noted that the basin supplies about 40% of water consumed in the urban area of ​​Xalapa.
It is an initiative for the protection and conservation of remaining cloud forest in central Veracruz. Is a productive alternative for residents of Ejido San Pedro Buenavista who years ago were engaged in clearing their forests. Today ejido reserves have declared their common use areas are those spaces which are arranged to visit and tours of the public.
The importance of conservation of forests is that in their glens and rivers rise Pixquiac Xocoyolapan (which binds to Pixquiac), these rivers supply 40% of water consumed in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz

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