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The valley of Cuatro Cienegas, in the central part of Coahuila, Mexiko

The valley of Cuatro Cienegas, in the central part of Coahuila, Mexico, has more endemic species of any place in North America (Stein et al, 2000). With its high biodiversity and more than 70 endemic species, the desert valley about 1000 square km located 270 km south-southeast of Big Bend National Park in Texas on the Galapagos Islands in terms of unique ecosystems in the world. Much of its biodiversity is associated with an extremely diverse complex of thousands of geothermal form pools, marshes, ponds and rivers.
is a town in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. Located at 26 ° 59'N 102 ° 03'W / 26,983 ° N 102.05 ° W / 26,983, -102.05, at an average altitude of 740 meters above sea level. The city is the capital of the municipio of the same name.

Located in the desert region of the state (Desert Region). Cuatro Cienegas is Spanish for "four marshes", the name was chosen by the first settlers, due to the natural springs in the vicinity that create large areas of wetlands and lakes.

Several settlements were founded here before the successful establishment of a city by Antonio Cordero y Bustamante on May 24, 1800. The settlement's original name was Our Lady of Sorrows and Cuatro Cienegas, which later was changed to Villa Venustiano Carranza, before settling on its current name.

The city is formally known as Cuatro Cienegas de Carranza, in honor of its most famous son: Venustiano Carranza, President of Mexico from 1915 to 1920, he was born there in 1859

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