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templo mayor This archaeological site , méxico Df

templo mayor

This archaeological site was discovered in the second half of the twentieth century, during the construction of the subway in Mexico City, have since made important investigations which are possible to know more precisely the Aztec Empire in their times of glory cover from the north-central part of Mexico to Central America.
The Temple and the Temple enclosure were the absolute center of the Aztec religious life, that is, the Aztecs of Mexico-Tenochtitlan.

Furthermore, in the Temple Precinct converged the most important aspects of political, religious and economic of the Mexica, areas separated from its mythology, and here took place from the festivities that marked tonalpohualli to the enthronement of chieftains and funerals old rulers.

It was built in seven stages and over time the church reached an approximate height of 60 meters

Museo del Templo Mayor
Seminar # 8, Col. Centro Historico
Cuauhtemoc C. P. 06060
Mexico, D. F. Mexico
Tel 542-02-56
Tel-Fax 542-47-87

Open: 09:00, Tuesday to Sunday, from am to 6:00 pm
Admission fee (from Tuesday to Saturday): 16.00 pesos
Sunday: Free admission for everyone.
Students, teachers, retreats, pensioners and members of the National Institute of Aging: Free admission at any time.
Guided tours in Spanish and English: by appointment at 542-47-84.

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