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san gabriel de la barrera

san gabriel  de la barrera
Main benefit of metals belonging to the landowner Gabriel Barrera. He experienced its heyday during the eighteenth century and today is intended to house 17 gardens, very original, in which they grow and care for different types of vegetation. Its decor is old and exquisite, so people who visit not only revel in the great outdoors, also for the taste of the details surrounding it. Open Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs.Entrance fee recovery. Originally known by the name Great Barrier Exhacienda has 22 thousand square meters of extension and the original access is via a bridge over the river Guanajuato.
In the late seventeenth century, Captain Gabriel de la Barrera founded the family dynasty Barrera and thus benefit estates series of metals would take this name: Hacienda de Barrera Great Barrier Medium, Hacienda de San Antonio Barrera, Dolores and Sacramento. The interior of the Property is divided into three parts: first, for the living quarters, offices and recreation areas (now the Museum), the second part, for religious services where stands the small chapel that has a fifteenth century Spanish altarpiece and the third and final part, where he was plowing, where the courts were for the amalgamation, galleys, storage of ore, aqueducts, wells, ponds and stables. 17 beautiful gardens each with its own style.

Service Hours Open to the public Monday to Sunday from 9 to 16 hrs. Admission: $ 22. Students: $ 15 Children over 6 years: $ 15 Using the camera: $ 20. Using video $ 25

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