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san agustinillo 9 km from Puerto Angel, oaxaca coast

Approximately 9 km from Puerto Angel, Zipolite happening, you get a very nice town San Agustinillo (map). Which is a long beach open sea. The most visited place is a picturesque bay at the end of the beach. The surf here is very uneven, some days the sea is excellent for surfing, in others it is better for swimming and snorkeling.
But anyway, calm or huge waves is safer than in Zipolite because there are no underwater currents.
Surf or boogie boards can be rented at the Mexico Lindo restaurant. Along the beach are numerous restaurants with reclining chairs under the palms.
San Agustinillo is a small fishing village and a stretch of beach in a place with the Sierra Madre del Sur to the Pacific Ocean in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Located in the municipality of Santa Maria Tonameca just east of the coastal communities of Mazunte and the window, connected by a road from these cities to Zipolite and Puerto Angel, to the west.

These coastal communities are collectively known as the "Riviera Oaxaca or Oaxaca's Costa Chica. The community was established at the same time as Mazunte. San Augustinillo fishermen made a living by hunting sea turtles was banned until 1990.

The main economic activities here for most residents continue to be agriculture and small-scale fisheries, with some tourism, based on the beach
Agustinillo The beach is about 1300 meters long in front of the open sea and is divided into three sections by rocky outcrops protrude from reaching the ocean. The beach sands are medium grain, golden color and spread as wide as fifty meters. The waters near the coast are warm, green and blue tones. The western end is called Playa del Rinconcillo, which is relatively well protected and is considered safer for swimming. The eastern section is called Playa Aragon and has two big waves and strong undertow.
As these open ocean beaches caution is advised against, especially when tropical waves and other weather phenomena cause abnormally high waves, which can lead to restrictions on beach closures. In 2009, at least three people were reported drowned off the beach, including a six-year-old who was caught while on the shore by a wave of unusually high. A nineteen-year-old was dragged into the sea when he was caught by an undercurrent and his body was not found until five days later.

The fishing village is located on the west end of Playa del Rinconcillo. The fishermen offer boat tours of the area and the rental of fishing. Only immediately east of the village are palapas, but almost nothing has been built at the eastern end. From June to December, it is possible to see Olive Ridley turtles laying their eggs on this beach.

The beach is invaded by the hills and cliffs that make the construction of large hotels and other resort features impossible. However, the coast and [some of the surrounding hills are dotted with small farms rustic green and show the influence of Europe. 1] The European influence is due to the fact that several of the stores here are owned by Italian and some French. Restaurants include The Termite, owned by an Italian-Argentine, and uncle Nerone, owned by an Italian-German. Mexico Lindo hotel on the beach is owned by a Mexican Tabasco by the name of Faust and also serves Italian food with regional favorites. Another Italian-owned property is the Inn The Termite, also on the waterfront. Casa Pan de Miel has a French owner. Not on the beach but on a hill overlooking the area. Since the area highlights ecotourism, many of the accommodations here were built as "low impact" that blend with the topography. One is La Posada del Arquitecto which is carved in the rocks from Playa Rinconcito. The rooms have beds and hanging a shower built into the trunk of a tree.Everything is built with wooden pegs instead of nails. Many of the houses here do not have websites or even phones, but are popular among backpackers, however. No hot running water. Most hotels do not have television, telephone or wireless connections or air conditioning

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