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Puerto Lopez Mateos

Puerto Lopez Mateos

major commercial and tourist ports Township
Comondú, the federal entity of Baja California Sur. Year after year,
the winter season arrived on the shores of the bay, thousands
cetacean specimens reach the Mexican coast for
reproducirce, arriving from the frigid shores of Canada and the Arctic.
These arrivals as inunmerables attract curious tourists
enjoy the tranquility and peace that these individuals as unique.
Tourism to this port plays an important role for
City economy, dealers take advantage of the arrival of
tourists to increase their sales. good hosts who enjoy
visits from their visitors. Nestled in the north of the extensive Bay
Magdalena, this small fishing port is considered as one of the
best places to watch the gray whale.

gray whale sanctuary
In the distance, about 50 meters from the boat appears floating on the
sea a water powder, indicating that there is a huge whale
breathing. The boat slows and almost stops to advance
slowly, as if we were hunting. We see nothing, but
the jet suddenly expected to emerge buzzing there, in front
us, the whale. And yes, the giant mammal appears, showing their
back and his breeding is not separated, as the foal to
mare, to disappear again after just a few seconds. Are
black and gray, massive.
Comondú Municipality, Baja California Sur, Mexico, a town
fishermen on the coast of Magdalena Bay, a bay known
world for whale watching activities. Track
Landing, owned, maintained and operated by light-headed, is open to
for public use during the day of general aviation, and monthly
by the Phoenix chapter of the Friends of the Samaritans of flight,
voluntarily conducted a free clinic next to the track
Landing second Saturday of the month.

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