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natural park , lago tziscao

This place is a natural park that is in the Bosque de Montebello, 54 km Comitan, Chiapas. We decided to go to that place to rest after a long work week, to my surprisethe whole family and my father decided to visit us, so we were already 5 to rest. We lefton Friday and at 2 pm. We go eat at a farm that is giving new restaurant service, passing the town of Trinity. Upon reaching the toll booth to enter the park they charged us 10 pesos per person. Before reaching the lake Tziscao
A 53 kilometers from the lagoon Committee Tziscao, nature in all its splendor, locatedin the protected area of Lagunas de Montebello National Park in the municipality of LaTrinity.
Color is a gap, which measures over almost 4000 meters, 500 thousand wide with depths of up to 70 meters, according to our guide

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