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miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, Oaxaca


Miahuatlán Nahuatl language, which consists of "Miahuatlán" is the Aztec name forthe ear of corn, and "tlan" place, site, country: therefore, Miahuatlán word, means"Country of ears of corn "" Place of spikes "or"Field of flowers of corn. "

Miahuatlán is a town that has contributed to the country's history heroics as shown in the Battle of Miahuatlán of October 3, 1866 where the eastern army commanded byGeneral Porfirio Díaz (which bears his name) and using native people of the place led by captain Apolinar Garcia, defeat the French army commanded by Don CarlosOrona in the "hill of nuts" located west of the local territory

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