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ex-haceinda yaxcopoil, yucatán was founded in the seventeenth century.

ex-haceinda yaxcopoil, yucatán was founded in the seventeenth century. Her name means
the Mayan language "place of green poplars." The farm brings in
history, three major periods of the Yucatan of yesterday, life
Hispanic, colonial and henequen boom of the late nineteenth century
and early twentieth century.

With more than eleven thousand acres of land in its heyday,
Yaxcopoil was considered one of the most important rural estates
its size and magnificence, both in the livestock industry and in the
henequen. However with the passage of time and with continued
processes of political change, social and economic development in the region, its
extension was reduced to less than 3% of its former area.

The Mayan ruins scattered structures formed by pyramidal
distributed around Yaxcopoil are vestiges inherited from
prehispanic period.

The stately main house large rooms, high ceilings, large
windows and doors, is surrounded by landscaped gardens and colorful
lush vegetation. It still breathes through the European environment
the preservation of original furniture of that era.
The Los Dos Cooking School also has a powerhouse well preserved
shredders where plants were responsible for separating the fibers
sisal plants. The engine room has been kept in good
conditions with a 100 HP diesel engine made in Germany made
by Körting (Hannover) in 1913. The engine was used until 1984 when
production of sisal fiber ended after more than a century

Los Dos Cooking School has been preserved but not restored, and now works
as a museum, as well as to location of photos and production
films. It also has a guest house within the
property that can be rented for overnight stays.

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