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celestún, yucatán,

Yucatan Celestun is a population that is about 85 km from the city of Merida in Mexico. It is located adjacent to a river (stream) that runs parallel to the west coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, along the mangroves. It is characterized by a variety of species inhabiting it which is called a micro-region and biosphere reserve. The flamingos that inhabit it are one of the biggest attractions of the place.

Celestun is located at the western end of the state of Yucatan, near its border with the state of Campeche and the Gulf of Mexico.

Around the village, is the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, which extends the Yucatan and Campeche, has around 600 km ² and is internationally recognized as the place of refuge Centanaro winter of flamingos and many other bird species. Celestun ecosystem is unique because the combination of fresh water from the Ria Celestun and salt water of the Gulf of Mexico. The flamingos of Celestun are a deep pink color due to carotene concentration in the water park also hosts several species of pelican among which are the great white Canadian and Mexican gray small.

Located 96 kilometers from Merida westward. This beautiful fishing village is really picturesque. The port offers everything the visitor needs for a pleasant stay: hotels, restaurants, snack bars, pharmacies and grocery stores stocked.

Recently opened Hotel Eco Paraiso, with "environmental facilities" in an environment with cabins, swimming pools and health food restaurant.

In Celestun you can find extensive beaches full of coconut trees. The sea is calm and clear water. The fishing boats provide a typical picture of the Yucatan coast. Sunset in Celestun is another gift of nature to be enjoyed. The old lighthouse tilted, which is located near the fishing pier, is firm, still defies the laws of physics to the amazement of visitors, who have found this watch another symbol of Celestun.

The river trips are employed on the post that gives entrance to Celestun. Each boat takes 4 to 8 people, depending on the tide. Often the guides, eager to make the tourist a good time and ignorance, too close to the flamingos, which adversely affects them. Please do not ask the guides that come too close, and if they are, have them go away. If you do not care for the fragile ecosystem of the Flemish, they will be or, worse, will die.

Celestun Nature Reserve is one of the most important protected areas of the country due to the large number of indigenous and migratory bird houses.

Flamenco has become distinctive figure Celestun, where there are plenty of these birds, which can be found every day of the year in the estuary.

In addition, the port operates United Federation Lancheros Celestun, whose members are dedicated especially for visitors to walk through all the points of the estuary and coast.

The boatmen of the river offer two tour options: the northern route, which includes a visit to the area where flamingos nest, tour of the mangroves and the water hole, and the South, which includes visits to the petrified forest, to Punta Pelican and former coconut farm in San Joaquin.

A person who wishes to know them all would take two weeks of daily walks, abundant. They include the area of crocodiles, birds and areas of the salt ponds.

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