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santa maria del tule, oaxaca

Among the natural beauties of Oaxaca, one of the most extraordinary is the huge and unique Sabino, called "El Arbol del Tule." It has a height of 40 meters., A diameter of 52.58 meters. and weighing 509 tons and about 2000 years old.

Children in the village of Santa Maria El Tule, we may give a guide to the "figures" (types caprochoso the tree itself that the locals have christened with names of animals, people, etc) we can see the majestic tree.

In its surroundings you can find handicrafts markets in the region, regional food, snow, and the hospitality of the people of Santa Maria El Tule.


The people of Santa Maria El Tule, ancestrally were craftsmen of lime kilns that produced very rudimentary at the foot of the hill on communal land and whose product they brought to the city of Oaxaca for sale where they got the financial means to survive then the allocation of ejido in 1926 left the production of lime, and become farmers with crops like maize, beans, chickpeas, alfalfa, also are running at irregular rainy season.

The Tree of Santa Maria del Tule, is recognized by the SEMARNAP as the tree most notable of the State of Oaxaca and is famous in the Mexican Republic and beyond for its exceptional stem diameter, measuring 14.36 meters, which therefore reaches a circumference of 45 meters, so wide that hardly can embrace the 30 people holding hands and surrounding it with arms fully extended.

To make matters worse this freak of nature that botanists have classified as Taxodium mucronatum with an age that exceeds 2000 years, corresponding to the group of the Sabines (also known as bald cypress) and reaches a height of over 40 meters.

It is estimated that this natural wonder has a volume of 800 cubic meters and weighs approximately 630 tons of what can be considered as one of the largest and oldest in the world.

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