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route pucc mayan ruins, campeche


Puuc Mayan name of a series of low-lying hills cultural area and a very unique style. Uxmal is one of the best examples, but close to it can also delight in other areas with the same style that were once major Maya cities.

Some characteristic features of scenery puuc include pyramids topped with battlements, small and false columns embedded in the walls and stylized figurations of things Maya. They are also widely used the diamonds and the frets are added to the figurative elements such as snakes and masks of Chac, the rain god, characterized by their large eyes, large mouth equipped with teeth and especially by prominent nose horn-shaped curve.

There are several tanks in this area or chultunes that served to collect rainwater, as there was another source of supply of essential liquid, which is why the area puuc Chaac representations are many and were so important because the Mayan population worshiped to ask enough rain.

Puuc area, region or route Puuc Puuc is an area that is located in the southwestern and northeastern states of Yucatan and Campeche, respectively, in Mexico. In this area are the remains of Maya cities are common architectural features and appropriate. This architectural style is known as the Puuc style and is one of the five architectural styles of Maya culture

The word means in Mayan puuc "hill" or "set of hills." The newly designated area extends from south to Maxcanú coming Peto, south-west to Campeche. As you describe its name, is an area of small hills, no rivers and few cenotes, with a good proportion of fertile land. These limits do not correspond with the boundaries Puuc as there are examples of this style elsewhere in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The transition from pre-classical period architecture to Puuc is well reflected in Oxkintok. South of the area will find this style Puuc Edzná and east the Chichen Itza and outside the "zone Puuc."

The most important Mayan cities that fall in this region are Uxmal, Kabah, and Labná Sayil. These are roads that connect them called sacbes.

ruta pucc

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