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mexico quick view by car

Mexico offers many tourism proposals, from a "honeymoon" dream in paradise beaches to the most extreme adventure, to live an archaeological adventure in the style "Indiana Jones" discovering or uncovering pre-Columbian America since colonial America is very well preserved.

Mexico can be explored by renting a car at the airport and carried away a whim but, as in many other tourist attractions may be more secure and make booking your trip with expert guides, accompanied by a quota. If renting a car sounds more attention, then Traveljigsaw is your page. Cheap car rental offer all over the world with no taxes and insurance, including cancellation or booking changes. Of course you can rent at any airport.

For a tour that covers all aspects, I think the following is most recommended: first destination, Teotihuacan, the City of the Gods, stop at the Basilica of Guadalupe, the most revered by Mexicans. Visit the archaeological sites of Teotihuacan site arrqueológico largest pre-Columbian Mexico. Visit a carved obsidian workshop, which is still practiced ancient specialty. Walking in the flowering of Xochimilco barges and then stroll through the historic center in the heart of the city that, despite the successive earthquakes it has suffered, the Zocalo, is very well preserved and can be visited, among other wonders, the cathedral built in 1573 and the National Palace.

A Puebla lies 200 km, with the largest anthropological museum in the world with over 30 centuries of history of Central America. Puebla is also famous for its tiles and colonial architecture.

De Puebla to Oaxaca to go 360 km admiring the flora and geography of the Sierra Madre particular, the archaeological site of the Zapotec and Santo Domingo church, not forgetting to buy jade crafts.

From Oaxaca San Cristobal heads for 510 km through the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Canyon Sink. In San Cristóbal visit the Indian market, very colorful, very cheap and very varied and that various ethnic groups, each with its own specialty, which offer their products. San Cristobal discover the culinary specialties of Chiapas.

From San Cristobal to Palenque to go 200 km through the waterfalls of Agua Azul, play all day in the region and bathe in the warm waters of many ponds. Palenque reach through the pine forests and tropical forest.

From Palenque to Yaxchilan go 290 km small archaeological treasure hidden in the rainforest, the visit is postponed, from there back to Palenque to follow road to Merida.

From Palenque in the direction of Merida is the archaeological site of Palenque which belongs to the classic period of Maya culture.

Merida is the proud capital of Yucatan state and is located 596 km from Palenque, taking time to rest and go to Cancun to 300 km distant past Chichen Itza. Cancun Beach!

This circuit is the most classic of Mexico, we can see the archaeological sites, sample the different cuisines, marvel at nature in its purest form. If you do not have the courage to do so only many travel agencies offer it yet, I think it predisposes to greater security risks and can do well by renting a car and looking for housing in different towns in our budget or needs.

But Mexico also offers holidays on the Atlantic (Caribbean Sea) or the incomparable Pacific beaches or adventure tourism, ecotourism either for contact with nature or for extreme sports such as the famous "embedded" in Acapulco, away from the conventional circuits. There are programs of many agencies including regional parties very own Mexican folklore as of November 1 "All Souls Day," worth seeing.

A tip inevitable: the crafts in silver and semi precious stones are really beautiful and very cheap and the wood and wicker ornaments are colorful, cheerful and a good bill, so do not miss their shows in every town because you will find from Hand-embroidered bodices with bright colors to silver ornaments and jewelry at unbelievable prices.

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