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cempoala jalapa, Veracruz,

Important city on the Gulf of Mexico coast, founded around 1200 AD Its name means "twenty waters", possibly alluding to the many surrounding rivers. Among the buildings include: the pepper, exterior decorated with representations of human skulls, the Temple of the Cross, which remains of mural painting, the Temple of Caritas, named for the small clay skulls decorating his upper enclosure and the IV system, which consists of a large walled compound where the Temple building, the Joint Fires and the Great Pyramid. The site museum presents a historical overview of the place, through the remains of parts and other objects found in the various investigations have been conducted there.

Cempoala was the first major town visited by Cortés on Mexican soil, which was hosted by a gentleman who called for his extraordinary corpulence, the "Fat Cacique." The city was settled around the perimeter wall that delimited areas of temples and palaces, their dates from the eleventh to the sixteenth century.

The ancient buildings Cempoala show an impressive image of squares and fortifications, surrounded by vegetation that chokes the area permanently, called "Place of the accounts", as they called the Mexica rulers, because there were paid taxes on the coast.

What is now the archaeological site, formerly the political center's most important religious city, whose buildings are made with river stones, together with mortar and smoothed with lime produced at the time of burning seashells, obtaining so that their buildings gleam in the distance as if they were built of silver.

The most spectacular building Cempoala is the pyramid of the Sun Temple or the Great Pyramid built on the same platform on which stands the Templo Mayor, which are separated by a large square.

Getting there

To arrive at this archaeological site is the most convenient route for Jalapa. Cempoala is located 84 kilometers from the Jalapa.

Mexico City to Jalapa is a road distance of 312 kilometers, which are traversed in a time of 4 hours and 50 minutes or so.

By plane, the flight time between two cities is 1 hour, nonstop.


After touring the ruins, we suggest visiting Chachalacas beach that is only 14 kilometers from Cempoala, which has restaurants and beachfront booths, or you can swim in the river that flows there.

Other travel sites are feasible Texolo beautiful waterfalls, the great natural environment that surrounds the town of Xico, where there are orchids, vines and abundant crops of coffee.

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