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Catemaco is a municipality and city in the southeastern Mexican state of Veracruz,

Catemaco is a municipality and city in the southeastern Mexican state of Veracruz, in the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas volcanic mountain, along the Gulf of Mexico. In the 2005 Census INEGI, the municipality said that the total population of 46,702, of whom 22,965 lived in the county seat. [1] the ethnic composition is mainly of mixed descent. number of speakers of indigenous languages of less than 500.

The town of Catemaco with a total area of 710.67 km ² along the Gulf of Mexico between the foothills of the San Martín Tuxtla volcano and the Sierra de Santa Marta, and incorporate Sontecomapan Laguna Laguna Catemaco and in addition to a large extent Reserve of the Biosphere Los Tuxtlas. Catemaco boundaries of the municipalities of San Andres Tuxtla, west of Ocampo and Soteapan Hueyapan south and Tatahuicapan Mecayapan Juarez and the east.

Catemaco economically dependent on a mixture of tourism, livestock, fisheries and agriculture. Statistically the county ranks as one of the poorest people in Veracruz.

The city of Catemaco is located across from Lake Catemaco 340 meters (1,115 feet) above sea level and is surrounded by numerous volcanic peaks. To the north, Lake Sontecomapan occupies a large flood plain and joins the Gulf of La Barra de Sontecomapan, the most affordable beach Catemaco.

One of the featured attractions of the city are the "island monkeys", populated by abandoned research monkeys originally imported from Thailand. Nearly 100 boats to transport tourists competing to see these macaque monkeys imported to the islands in 1970.

Historically an isolated community, the city now has an international reputation for the "Witches of Catemaco, a local phenomenon of witchcraft professionals with commercial interests.

The Spanish word brujo can be translated as a witch, wizard, warlock, necromancer, "alternative healer, healer, and others. Catemaco holds an annual festival of the occult in the first Thursday and Friday of March. It's called the "International Congress of Witches.

Beyond the belief that there are witches and shamans Catemaco with special powers, the magic of this area is one in itself, and invite you to experience more of Mexico in their fascetas, the mysticism of its corners, full of surprises for those seeking more of the natural wealth of Mexico, the true magic of Los Tuxtlas is satisfied after having visited their communities, there is always eager to return.

In Lake Catemaco can make a boat trip that lasts about 1 ½ hours, this tour will visit some islands such as herons and monkeys, in the latter lives a colony of macaques that were introduced by man, as the spider monkey, which was the original inhabitant of the region, this being inhabited in large proportions, migrated to the top of the mountain. You may also go to nearby places like Nanciyaga and know the place where they sell a very mild clay properties for the skin.

In Catemaco, getting accommodation is not difficult, as hotels have different categories and with all the services for domestic or foreign tourists, besides being an ecotourist destination, there are several adventure tourism operators who offer everything from bicycles to rent jungle walks nearby, and the option of spending the night in one of the camps on the shores of the lake or near the Gulf of Mexico.

The adventure starts from Catemaco to know from the port of Veracruz, as the bus that moves one toward this destination goes through several towns, including the port of Alvarado, San Andres Tuxtla, Santiago Tuxtla and communities whose scenarios and natural way of being of its inhabitants leave a pleasant memory in the visitor who dares to go beyond the concrete jungle and looking for that direct contact with the old gods of geography Veracruzana.

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We invite you to our paradise nestled between the volcanoes and lakes

Sierra de Los Tuxtlas and the Gulf beaches in Veracruz, Mexico.

The rustic charm of Catemaco, his mystic lake and surrounding succulent attract visitors to this
little paradise.

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