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bustamante nuevo leon

Bustamante caves found in the state of Nuevo Leon in the Sierra de Rubber, 6 km from the municipal-and 107 km of state highway Monterrey. Bustamante caves are a real place to visit especially if you're in the area, you can make an interesting walk inside to over 3 km and admire the wonderful rock formations and unsuspected formas.El way is also amazing, really admirable beauty

Las Grutas de Bustamante, also known as the Caves of Palmetto, are located in the Sierra de Gums, 107 kilometers from Monterrey and seven miles southeast of the town of Bustamante.
Traveling through the northwest part of the state, the Sierra de Gums, also called Sierra de Gómez Cruz Bustamante and on the south to the valley in which sits Swallows. The entrance is approximately 350 meters from the bottom of the canyon known as Cone, and approximately at 940 meters above sea level.
Getting there
Covers around 107 kilometers from Monterrey by State Highway No. 1 from Colombia, taken to the town of Bustamante, NL, and in the center of town take the road known as "Road to Cone", taking in is approximately 7 km

Know them!
The trail begins by crossing a tunnel 100 meters long and 3 feet wide. The caves have a length of approximately 256 linear meters on a walker to a temperature of 18 º C.
Inside Caves are of stunning beauty, most of the structure of limestone caves is marine sediment, is characterized by porous and easily dissolved, abounds in the mountains and is highly vulnerable to action of water through cracks and fissures.

How were they formed?
Pieces of calcite and fine grains of sand were deposited slowly and gradually at the bottom of the cave, creating strong molecular bonds that led to endless forms of creativity which boasts "natural mother" to create the stalactites and stalagmites.
From the union of these columns were formed, which despite its apparent white wax at a distance, with the reflection of light and shadow has other whimsical bright colors.

Schedules to visit the caves
Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs.
2 videos witnesses here! very good pictures, you have to visit soon!

The site features:

- Parking
- Playground
- Palapas
- Road to the Cave
- Mirador
- Access tunnel
- Interior lighting
- 100% accessible interior Walkers

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