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Metlatonoc is located southeast of Chilpancingo

matlatonoc guerrero

The word Metlatonoc in Mexican means "metal metatito" and in Nahuatl means "in the metatito".

Metlatonoc is located southeast of Chilpancingo, on the road Chilpancingo-Tlapa. In the municipal seat of Tlapa, at the junction to reach the municipal Metlatónoc, which is about 75 miles away dirt 48 and 27 divide.

Metlatónoc is a municipality in the state of Guerrero, located in southeasternMexico. Its population is overwhelmingly ethnic Mixtec, and is the second poorestcounty Mexicana.2 Republic Metlatónoc geographical environment has led to an isolation that exacerbates poverty of its population, to the extent that, according to reports from the National Council Population (CONAPO), local people have ahuman development index similar to that of African countries such as Burundi.

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