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Malinaltepec is located southeast of Chilpancingo, about Chilpancingo

malinaltepec, guerrero

Previously Malinaltepec Noyosotaini called, which in Mixtec means "land of the flower of heart," and in 1564 is applied to the current name, which the Mexican means "people of Candlesticks" or "hill of the Candlestick."

Malinaltepec is located southeast of Chilpancingo, about Chilpancingo-Tlapa Federal Highway, where upon reaching the latter town is the deviation about 78 miles to reach the population of Malinaltepec. Bordered on the north and Copanatoyac Xalpatlahuac the south by San Luis Acatlán the east by Mount and Metlatonoc Atlamajalcingo and west Tlacoapa.

The municipality of Malinaltepec is located east of the state of Guerrero, in the geo-economic region of the mountain, its geographical coordinates where lies are 16 ° 57 'and 17 º 24'de north latitude and between 98 ° 39' and 98 ° 30 ' west longitude relative to Greenwich. Malinaltepec has a total land area of ​​492 km ², representing a 0.77% over the total area of ​​the state. Its territorial adjacencies are to the north by the municipalities of Mount Atlamajalcingo Copanatoyac and the south by San Luis Acatlán and Iliatenco, on the west and San Luis Acatlan Tlacoapa, and east of Monte.1 Metlatónoc and Atlamajalcingo

On the first inhabitants of the region surrounding present and forms the current population of Malinaltepec not have a precise reference only as data, it is known that the Olmec culture inhabited the area between the years 1400 and 1200 a. C.since this region of La Montaña of Guerrero is an extension of the upper and lower Mixteca Oaxaca. Its inhabitants were engaged in farming villages from a marginal area of ​​the ancient Mixtec-pan. For the year 1458, Malinaltepec like most Mixtec peoples were conquered by the Aztecs and forced to pay taxes. This will set the region in the province where Malinaltepec Tlapa tax was part. The people of Malinaltepec tried to get rid of the Mexicans, holding a battle in which they are defeated.

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