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Coahuayutla de José María Izazaga

Coahuayutla de José María Izazaga

• Latitude 19 ° 59 'and 18 ° 43'
• Longitude 101 ° 22 'and 101 ° 58'

Jose Maria Izazaga Coahuayutla is one of the 81 municipalities of the state
Mexico's Guerrero. It is located in the Coast region
Great of the entity and its head is the population of Coahuayutla of

The word that names the town derives from the Nahuatl words
cuahuitl - tree Ayutli - pumpkin and ending tlan abundancial,
means "where trees abound gourds." The addition of
to the municipal warrior was given as a tribute to General
Vicente Guerrero Saldaña. Its original name was Cayucos.

It is located west of the capital of the state, the geo-economic region
of the Costa Grande to 291 km from Acapulco. Precisely in this mile
deviation is leading to the municipal
about 40 km from the town of Union, on the
City-Acapulco highway Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan., Zihuatanejo-section
The Union.

This town belongs to the Costa Grande region, is located at
west of Chilpancingo, between parallels 17 ° 58 '31''and 18 ° 35' 56''
north latitude and 101 ° 14 '54''and 101 ° 53' 24''west longitude.
It has an area of ​​2550 km2, which represents 4% of the
state surface.

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