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san miguel tzinacapan

san miguel tzinacapan

The first large community at the entrance of the mountain is Teziutlán,
we can still see the colonial architecture. this community
Founded in 1552 in Mexcalcuautla, former Nahua settlement.

Teziutlán Leaving, we took the road to Zacapoaxtla, population
nestled in the heart of the mountain, surrounded by
impressive elevations (Yetzontepec and Apaxtepec) which are born
Texpilco Tehuetzia and rivers that flow into the Apulco.

We climb the mountains to reach the beautiful town of Cuetzalan
(instead of quetzales). Around it stand up to huge heights
of 1 500 meters. There we find a rich vegetation from forests
tropical to a variety of conifers.

On one side of Cuetzalan in the midst of this exuberance is the
small community of San Miguel Tzinacapan, where tradition
ancestral culture and the "usual" remain intact as a great
Nahua heritage of their grandparents.

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