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tiburon Island Sonora

tiburon Island Sonora

is one of the municipalities in the state of Sonora, Mexico. It has an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level. You can get a picture of tiburon Island satellite map usingGoogle Maps.

Its territory of 1208 km ².

tiburon Island Sightseeing

Punta Chueca
Cerro San Miguel

Belongs to the state of Sonora. In 1963 he became the national reserve. Forthousands of years people lived here in the Seri tribe. Today the island is uninhabited.Live here as the mountain sheep hunting is prohibited. The island can be reachedfrom Punta Chueca and Bahia de Kino. tiburon Island are in the hills of volcanic origin.

The island is uninhabited except for a military installation located in the eastern part ofthe island. It is managed as an ecological reserve by the government of the Seri, in conjunction with the Federal government. In previous centuries, the island wasinhabited by three groups ("bands") of the Seri, the Tahejöc Comcaac, the HeenesComcaac and Hast xiica CoII year (in part). [3] This island is a sacred site for Seri people, because the seris regard the island as the birthplace of their people. [4]

The nearest community is Punta Chueca (Seri Socáaix in the language), where youcan reach the island. This community is inhabited mainly by fishermen and people ofSeri people.

Is it worth going to need both tiburon Island? Well, the answer is not so simple. Must first have a great spirit of adventure and love of nature as it is one of the lastunspoiled places in Mexican territory and that may quench their thirst for ecotourism.

Length: 10 027.41 km2

Latitude 30 ° 06'00''- 24 ° 85'00''N
Longitude 112 º 34'48''- 111 º 06'00''W

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