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the town of San Pedro Atocpan is located in the town of Milpa Alta

san pedro Atocpan

the town of San Pedro Atocpan is located in the town of Milpa Alta (in the State of Federal District). It has 8997 inhabitants. San Pedro Atocpan is 2440 meters altitude.

With a large rural population devoted to the cultivation of traditional plants in the fields, among which are corn, squash, beans and chile, but for years the cultivation of cactus stands in the southern boundary Federal District are organized large food fairs, to promote farm products and crafts and local attractions in the area.
San Pedro Atocpan as many people in the metropolitan area has its origin in pre-Columbian times and was converted to Christianity during the early years of Spanish presence. From this period remains sober main church built in stone and has a great court chaired by arcs. In this village we can find other attractions such as the church of San Martín, a small chapel next to the park of the same name as well as the Shrine of Miracles found on one of the hills surrounding the village and from which we can have a nice view. In addition to this San Pedro Atocpan is also considered as the "Capital of the Mole" one of the most representative dishes of Mexican food in the dining merging techniques and food in America and Europe to create one of the favorite dishes of the holidays Mexicans. Mole is a thick sauce made with chocolate, chiles, tomatoes, fruits and spices that is served with poultry, tortillas, tamales, among a wide variety of applications.

Walking through the streets of this town one can delight in the aromas of spice shops, flowers, chilies and chocolate aromas that fill the whole place. In San Pedro Atocpan is traditional to eat their typical bean tamales to taste them bathe in mole sauce, a simple delight that you can not lose. They are also traditional pickled cactus and amaranth bread.

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