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The historic city of Aguascalientes


The historic city of Aguascalientes, capital of the state that bears the same name, is located in north-central region of Mexico 504 miles from Mexico City and 130 km from Zacatecas. Its climate is pleasant with an average temperature ranging from 17-20 ° C, in summer the maximum temperature does not exceed 23 ° C.
With 430 years of life, Aguascalientes is a glorious mosaic of old neighborhoods, temples, plazas, gardens, architectural monuments, modern buildings, museums, arenas and thermal water spas in addition to traditional events like the Festival de las Calaveras or San Marcos National Fair, one of the oldest and best samples of folklore and culture of the region, with its art exhibitions, cultural events, dances and cockfights, define it as an attractive and versatile.

Without doubt, something out of this world in these destinations are the typical five boroughs: The Station, Health, El Encino, Guadalupe and San Marcos, each with a rich history and unique bathed in religion and Baroque architecture manages all conquer.

And what of the Temples of Aguascalientes as San Diego and Our Lady of the Rosary, which are an invitation to feel the religious splendor that lived in the colony, and the Cathedral Basilica in the Historic Center.
Other attractions in the city are its handicrafts, especially the fine fringes, embroidery and textile processing techniques which have been passed from generation to generation, becoming a symbol of regional culture and wine tradition that offers some of the best wines the country, needed to sample local delicacies like the back "of the grandmother, sample exquisite cuisine can be tasted in this distinguished city.

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